Total Truth

by Nancy PearceyI didn’t intend to read this book. I didn’t seek it out. It was “assigned” to me. Honestly, I was kinda dreading it. ….until I read the introduction. In the 12 or so pages before the first chapter I was hooked. Every now and then you come across a book that totally changes the way you look at things. It only seems fitting that a book whose topic is “worldview” would do just that. The author has a way of breaking down hugely complicated topics and tracing them back to the point where you can’t help but understand them. She iterates the important of living a life of faith no matter your vocation. It’s a lesson in theology, history, science, culture, and philosophy. There’s something in it for everyone. I can’t count the number of times I’ve recommended this book to others. (If there were one thing that would keep me from giving it the 5th foot it would be the fact that the second half of the book more or less turns into a long evolution debate –which is good, but perhaps it overshadows the first half of the book.)

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