The Eye is Quicker

by Richard PeppermanThis is one of the most inspirational books I’ve read in quite some time. There are more than a few books about filmmaking in my personal library, but lately it feels as though I’m drowning in tutorials and software features. I set out to find the best book on editing, not as a series of mouse clicks, but as a way to approach filmmaking. I’m glad to say I’ve found that book: The Eye is Quicker. I was particularly delighted to discover that the author is also a teacher. It has become apparent that those who have an excellent resume don’t necessarily understand how to “pass on essential knowledge” as this author does. He makes several comments about frequent pitfalls he sees in his students and how to avoid those yourself. I truly felt like I was learning from someone with tremendous experience who genuinely wants to teach others. Take your time with this book. Soak it in. The knowledge runs deeper than the “how,” as it gets to the “why.”

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