Dinner with a Perfect Stranger

by David GregoryConceptually, this book piqued my curiosity. It’s a fictitious story about a guy who gets an invitation to have dinner with Jesus. “Wow!” I thought, “Wouldn’t that make for an awesome conversation,” and then my mind went on to fill the pages of the book with Jesus speaking pointed truths into this guy’s life and how it relates to me. After having built up these expectations I began to read the book only to discover that it went off in a different direction than I had hoped. I realize that my interpretation of this book is based on the fact that it didn’t meet my expectations, but having finished it, I came away feeling like it would be better described as a gospel tract –better suited for skeptics of Christianity who perhaps have never considered a “religion” centered around a relationship with Christ. All in all, it’s a decent read. You can read it in one sitting –heck, you could read any book in one sitting if you can sit that long =) It’s not a book you read for encouragement or inspiration as much as it is one you would read for a short escape.

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