divine perspective

Several months back I was stuck on the thought, “If only we could see things the way God sees them.” I can’t be certain if God showed me certain things, or if it was simply my seeking them out that brought about various “revelations.” I remembered the story of Cain and Abel.

Cain kills Abel and then lives the life of a wanderer. I’ve heard the story many times. In an earthly sense, it’s outright unfair. Abel was the good guy, and he gets killed! How could a loving God allow that to happen? The only answer I’ve ever heard is that “Sometimes God does things that don’t make sense to us.” Am I the only one that has a degree of trouble just accepting that as is? Then it dawned on me… As far as we know, Abel was the first person to enter into Heaven. (That thought gives me goose bumps) Can you imagine the celebration that happened that day? Perhaps God was so struck by Abel’s love for Him, that He wanted to honor him as the first distinguished guest in His amazing paradise.

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