an environment for the soul

“Where do you live?” It’s a question often asked, but rarely considered. I’m not asking where you live. Rather, I’m asking where you LIVE. What makes you come alive? Where do you thrive? What makes your heart well up within you ’til it overflows to your soul? Where do you find rest, exhilaration, passion, strength, vulnerability, and harmony? That, my friends, is where you live. …is that where you live?

4 thoughts on “an environment for the soul

  1. This blog entry sounds very reminiscent of John Eldredge. How I wish I could say exactly where I live, but for now, I know that it is not where I am currently. For me to be truly alive would be to be in a place where I am free to express myself through whatever form I desire, namely dance. But for now, the hope and dream of that place keeps me going….

  2. Ginger stoll my alive moment. I was going to say dancing too, but more for recreation than anything else. Give me some live music and a good partner and my soul will take flight.

    Doesn’t seem like something that really impacts the kingdom… I guess that is where I get caught up.

    Thanks for the thoughts.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts, Carolyn. However, who says it doesn’t impact the Kingdom? My parents could care less about computer graphics, but they take such delight in seeing me do that. What makes us think our heavenly Father doesn’t find a similar satisfaction when we are doing something we love? Does it not impact the Kingdom to bring a smile to the face of our Maker? Just a thought. =)

  4. Stephen… I think you’re on the right track there. Too often, we’ve become accustomed to living compartmentalized lives as Christians… not seeing our “day to day” lives outside of ministry, “calling”, or the like as work that builds the Kingdom.

    In fact, we need to bust down the walls… because everything we do — from the way we dance, to the way we work, to the way we worship, to the way we sing along to the radio — is something that has a potential to be Kingdom-building, God-glorifying, or spiritually-enriching.

    We need to learn to view life — in its entirety — as a vocational experience that is infused to the core with the indelible mark of God’s fingerprints.

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