thoughts on discontentment

Have you ever wondered why the things that we enjoy the most seem to be the very things we do the least? I don’t think it’s merely coincidence. Most of the time the two are mutually exclusive. I think it’s simply the principles of “taking things for granted,” and “the grass being greener on the other side.”

For example, I’ve had many opportunities to practice photography this semester, and I love it, but lately I’ve been wishing I could do more animation. Of course when I’m animating I find myself wanting to edit video instead. I don’t yet know the science behind it, but there has got to be something in our brains that says those things that we don’t often do must be special; and what we do everyday is mundane for that very reason.

Like so many things it comes back to a simple idea: enjoy the journey. Or, as a friend said, “Live as though the journey is the destination. “

2 thoughts on “thoughts on discontentment

  1. So, I get first comment privileges here, right?

    I enjoyed reading your “thoughts,” you certainly have the skill of writing deep stuff my friend. (o;

    I think discontentment is a good thing. What a cool gift God gave us…the desire to continually “change things up” and experience life differently every day.

    Here’s to the journey.


  2. hhmmm…familiar resonance for sure…there are additional volumes in the works on such topics – both mentally and pen to paper variations that perhaps you will stumble upon someday…there is something brewing in the air these days ;-) Laura is spreading around her perpetual journey and adventure fever ;-)
    and now that you threw it out there, you have others to remind you and hold you accountable of those things you aren’t doing that you want to be doing…and to somehow encourage you along the way…hhmmmmm…wonder what your life is going to look like a year from now…???

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