For Men Only

by Shaunti and Jeff FeldhahnThis is the much anticipated companion book to For Women Only. It follows the same layout by revealing seven common misunderstandings men have about women, and then it spells it out in a language us men can wrap our minds around. I’m not sure if men will ever really get women, but this book significantly narrows the gap in our understanding. There are a couple points that I might argue are out of balance, but that does not negate a man’s responsibility to treat women the way God commands us to. I suggest that women read this book as well. After talking about a few points in this book with my sister she said, “Oh, that makes so much sense! I want to read that if for no other reason than to learn something about myself.” I don’t have much else to add. Read the book. Let it soak in and manifest itself in the way you treat the women in your life.

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