Scribbling in the Sand

by Michael CardThe subtitle of this book “Christ and Creativity” simultaneously grabbed me and resonated deeply within me. “At last!” I thought, “someone is putting together the fact that God is a creative being and that we should look to Him for creativity.” Unfortunately, the inspiration didn’t carry through beyond the cover. The premise of the book is that we are created in the image of our Creator God, but it makes one feeble attempt after another at explaining how to embrace that and live it out in our daily lives. The book is filled with weak analogies of how Biblical events were intrinsically linked to creativity. Honestly, this is the sort of thinking that has bound Christians to mediocre work for far too long. I was sorely disappointed. (I struggle with giving this a mere 1 foot because I firmly believe in “criticizing by creating,” but I can’t, in good conscience, recommend it just because it claims the name of Jesus. If we have to encourage other Christians to support something, then perhaps it’s not worth supporting in the first place…)

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