Learning to See Creatively

by Bryan PetersonAh yes, another photography book. If you’ve read the preface to my photography book, then you already know how I feel about them in general. Unfortunately this one succumbs to the same shortcoming I see in most every book about photography. It starts off with great enthusiasm, but it doesn’t take long for it to become redundant. As is often the case there are a few great tips sprinkled throughout, but I don’t think it justifies the purchase. Readers should note that this book was written as a complement to his other book Understanding Exposure. This one focuses on the creative, artistic side of photography (at least, it claims to) while UE helps explain the technical details of aperture, shutter, etc. If you’ve never read a photography book before, then it might be worth your while to pick up these two (of course, you’d probably rather read mine =) but otherwise I’d tell you to spend an hour skimming through it at your local bookstore.

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