aside from my La-Z-Boy

I don’t want to be comfortable. It seems that as soon as we get comfortable is the time we should move on. Comfort blinds and numbs us to our surroundings, robbing us of opportunities to experience life in ways that are outside our routine.

Perhaps one aspect of hell is that there is never anything new.

How many people question their need to wake up in the morning when they know it will look no different than any other day? I’m not suggesting that change is the destination in life, but rather it is the scenic route that makes life fun, adventurous, surprising, challenging, rewarding… Isn’t life all about worshipping God in all seasons of life? Change, and the subsequent lack of comfort it brings, allows us to experience God in ways we otherwise couldn’t. Maybe discomfort isn’t such a bad thing after all…

1 thought on “aside from my La-Z-Boy

  1. I think there is a real truth in that! The most rewarding (and most difficult) lessons I have learned and experiences I have had in life have been because of change. I had a conversation about this with Emily the other day (she also posted on her blog about this)…I’ve gotten so accustomed to my life changing every year or every couple of years. It seems the older we get, the more we have to create that change in our lives. I think it’s even easier for people like me to get too comfortable because I like routine, scheduling, planning, etc. Wow, that was much longer than I was anticipating…sorry to ramble on YOUR blog :)

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