divine fellowship

Among many reasons, I look forward to heaven as a place where we can experience life in community as it was meant to be. I long to hang out with my friends in a place void of prejudice, grudges, ulterior motives, bitterness, resentment, jealousy, slander, and finger pointing. I’m not sure what reconciliation will look like in heaven, but I would much rather arrive there on good terms with those dear to me.

Does that mean there will be no differences between us? Of course not, but we will finally learn to celebrate our differences and view them as our Father does. I’m not entirely convinced that instantly everything will be okay between us. I think there will be a moment where we will have to let go of those past hurts (although I’m sure we’ll view that decision from God’s perspective and see that it is hardly a decision at all). Will we ever realize that we’re going to spend eternity with our brothers and sisters? Maybe we should start getting along now.

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