Starting Your Career as a Freelance Photographer

by Tad CrawfordI suspect that most people who buy this book will be somewhat disappointed, not because the book isn’t good, but simply because most people who want to become a freelance photographer are the type of people who get an idea and then run with it. This book does a good job of laying a foundation of knowledge that a photographer needs to run a business, but often times it’s not until something becomes a problem that a freelancer would turn to a book like this. Chances are, the people who will read this book want answers to a few specific questions (e.g. “How much should I charge?” “What camera should I use?” “What should the contract say?”) If you’re looking for something cookie-cutter like that, I will suggest that you shouldn’t try running a business of your own. It’s hard work, and too many businesses fail because people are trying to get away from work. The real benefit of this book is how it can work as a launchpad for your own ideas and work flow. In conclusion: it’s a good book if you give it a fair shot, but it represents a lot of hard work that can’t be accomplished while merely reading.

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