Every Man’s Battle

by Stephen Arterburn and Fred StoekerMy main frustration is that this book claims to be for “every” man. However, I cannot recommend it to any single Christian male. It is written by married men, for married men, and the authors fail to emphasize that. Honestly I believe this book can do more harm than good for single guys. I came away with more doubts and questions than answers. To be fair, there is now Every Single Man’s Battle written by one of the same authors after he went through a divorce; I believe that further emphasizes my point that the authors initially failed to recognize that there is a different sexual struggle between married men and us single fellas. Here’s my point: they iterate the fact that just because you get married you are not free from sexual temptation. I believe that. However, they fail to mention that once you get married, the rules change. The battle takes on a different form. If you’re married, it’s probably a good read. If you’re single, check out the other book.

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