the art of appreciation

As human beings we love it when people praise us for the work we do. There is a healthy level of pride that comes from finding a sense of satisfaction in our work. It makes my day to hear that somebody is pleased or takes delight in something I’ve made.

…and so I wonder.

Is God any different? Is He not filled with delight when we praise Him for the work He has done? How many times have we taken for granted the beautiful fall colors, or a magnificent sunset, or the intricate detail of a snowflake? There is not a doubt in my mind that God the creator –God the artist– is filled with joy when we express our appreciation of His work.

1 thought on “the art of appreciation

  1. Continued thought:

    For Him, though, the stakes are even higher. Nothing I make will ever turn around and say, “You’re an idiot, Stephen.” It can’t. It’s not given the choice. But we, the crown of God’s creation, can point the finger at Him and say, “You really screwed up this time!” I’m not sure we fully comprehend how devastatng that must be…

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