definitely not the Grand Opening

I would like to go on the record stating how much I abhor the fact that is nothing more than a blog at the moment. Give me a few weeks to do some major overhauling around here.

Now that my disclaimer is out of the way, allow me to welcome you to This site was created to serve as an outlet for my many crazy, random, inspiring, and God-given ideas. It is continually changing, so I hope you check back often.

I’m calling this “ version 0.01”. It is undoubtedly the most bare bones it will ever be, and if you’re reading this that probably means you know me personally and I decided to give you a sneak peak at my new never-ending project =) I’ve got big dreams for this site, but I’ve got to start somewhere. Implementing everything will take many many hours, but in short, the “end result” (never-ending project, what??) will be a collection of all things art, work, life, and lessons learned by Stephen Elliot.

I’ve got stuff scattered all over the web, but here’s a short list:

Photography. Work. Drawings. Videos. Graphic Design. Recent Work. Books. Thoughts. Animation.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you around here again soon!

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