thoughts on life. …from the beginning

I'm an uncle  =)

Last night at 9:10 I became an uncle. In a mere two hours of labor my sister-in-law, Nina, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl weighing only 6 pounds, twelve ounces. My entire family was huddled in the room near the doorway, and I found myself torn between taking pictures, being courteous, and just enjoying the moment; after all, it only happens once, and it happens fast…

As I was getting in the car I had a thought that’s been with me ever since, “It won’t be long before little Naomi is asking for the keys to a car. It won’t be long before she drives off into the sunset. Before she goes away to college and gets married herself.” It feels so far away, yet it’s so real I feel as though I’ve seen it already. I’ve never been so overwhelmed at thought of life. …just life. What a precious, fragile gift it is. The images from last night are so clear in my head. It’s all so real, yet it’s already in the past. Nine months of thinking, dreaming, and praying for that moment, and just like that it’s already a memory. It came and went so fast. I wonder, “Did I enjoy it the way I should have? Was I sincere enough? Did I realize the significance of it? Did I do everything right?…” There are no second chances. It’s now or never. What an awesome responsibility.

As we watch Naomi grow up, my mind will always go back to last night. (I’m at a loss for words….) Does it really happen so fast?

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