Almost ready for primetime

First of all, I want to give a shout out to anybody who has stumbled across this blog already. So here goes….


That’s all you get for now. Anyway, I feel as though I should briefly explain what exactly is going on here. To the casual observer, this is just a random, seldom-updated blog. What you don’t see is all the stuff happening on the back end –and that’s what’s been keeping me busy lately. In short, this blog is the content and workhorse for is my personal website for sharing thoughts, photos, sketches, and things that make me laugh. That’s the nutshell version. On with the updates…

I just finished setting up the navigation system! (I used an exclamation because I am excited. You don’t have to be, that’s okay.) Those of you –or more literally “all 6 of you”– who have been here before will notice that the links on the right have been replaced. The current links mirror those found at What this means is that I finally have all the categories in place, and now I can flesh out the rest.

“So what’s left to do?” Glad you asked. =) There are a few pages that still have no content (for instance…). Obviously those details will be filled in shortly, but the main thing that remains is the design. As a graphic designer I’m not a huge fan of templates, so don’t get used to the pretty blues and ugly reds you currently see here.

Once I’m done with the design, and feel 80% good about the rest of the content, I’ll be sure to give you an earful about the new site. In the mean time, hang tight and consider yourself an insider. More to come!

P.S. Happy Easter! He is risen!

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