proclaiming the work of His hands

I’ve been watching the Planet Earth series on the Discovery Channel for the last few weeks. If you haven’t seen it, you at least need to check out the trailer (click “view trailer” at the bottom).

*this is me losing my train of thought as I watch the trailer for the 38th time.

Anyway, they spent over 2,000 days shooting the series (that comes out to a little over 5 years) in literally the most extreme conditions our planet has to offer. As I watched the first episode I thought, “Man, this would be a really sweet project to work on…” and then it occurred to me what they had to go through to film it =) Unprecedented patience –something the likes of Hollywood aren’t used to– coupled with ridiculous temperatures and isolation (more or less), all to get the perfect shot.

My hat’s off to the folks at Discovery. They have shown us once again that it doesn’t have to take loads of special effects to wow an audience. They have captured God’s creation in ways that [I can’t even put into words]. I don’t know the intent of the producers, but to me, this was nothing short of an act of worship. At that, I think our worship should inspire this sort of thing. It’s not about us, it’s about the God who gave it to us. Our lives, just like our planet, should reflect that.

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