so close, yet so far

In the process of setting up I’ve kept a running list of all the things left to do before “launching” it. Much to my delight, things have been coming together nicely and I’m starting to get a feeling of accomplishment. It’s easy to get so caught up in the day to day that we lose sight of what we’ve done. It’s important (and yet so undervalued) to take time to reflect on these things.

As I was browsing my list, the last two categories left to flesh out were Filmmaking and Teaching. At this point, I really don’t have much to put in either category, yet those are the two things I most want to do. In a way, it seems fitting that the two thing I want the most are just barely out of reach. Sometimes it feels like God keeps things there as a way of reminding us that He’s the one in control, not us.

In moments like this I’m reminded that life is a process. My accomplishments are not the end goal. It’s not about an impressive portfolio or a shelf full of trophies. It’s about living each day as it comes and letting God have His way with me. If only it were just as easy to walk that out as it is to write about it…

1 thought on “so close, yet so far

  1. I totally understand. As I am facing graduation and looking toward what comes next, I find myself in much the same place. God loves to remind us of His sovereignty and of our dependency on Him. It gets frustrating at times, but there is a peace that comes with resting in His sovereignty.

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