Adobe Lightroom

I’m more than a little bit happy to announce that I will now be using Adobe Lightroom as my primary tool for editing, organizing, and delivering photos!  Lightroom is one of the newest products from Adobe and it is designed specifically for the professional photographer.  The idea is that you can spend less time at the computer, and more time behind the lens.

Here’s what it means for my clients:

  • I can now shoot in RAW.  In short, RAW image files save more data than jpeg files.  They produce more accurate color reproduction, sharper detail, and more control to adjust the lighting.
  • Faster turnaround time.  Lightroom greatly reduces redundant tasks and allows you to make multiple edits at once.
  • Additional delivery options.  Lightroom offers powerful options for delivering slideshows, prints, and web presentations.

Man, that sounds way too much like the marketing schpiel from Adobe  =)  What can I say?  I’m excited!  Once I get a better feel for it I will write a post about the new workflow and what I’ve found most helpful.

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