It’s go time!

After a month and a half of setting up this site, it’s finally ready for its debut. So welcome! Take a look around. Be careful what you touch because the paint is still drying.

What’s New: I imagine that this is the first time most of you have stumbled across here, so most everything is new to some degree. So as not to be redundant, I won’t waste your time listings what’s new. You may recognize some of the content from other things –old blogs, photo galleries,, etc. Basically, this site is a collection of the things I’ve done, and a platform for the things I want to do. It will take a while before I find my niche here, but I’m looking forward to the possibilities.

What Next: There are two things yet to finish here before moving on to another project. 1.) The brackets [] next to the links on the right will be replaced by little icons for each category. 2.) You will soon find a Site Map on the bottom right with RSS and atom feeds for each category.

So that’s at a glance. Be sure to leave some love on the External Links page!

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