The Gigapxl Project

So there’s this thing called the Gigapixl Project. Basically, this guy invented a ridiculously large-format film camera, and now he’s traveling the world with it. The amazing thing is the detail this camera can capture because of just how large the film negative is. For example, here is the full, wide angle picture he captured at a baseball game:

Gigapxl Full

So far it’s just an ordinary picture, but think of it as if you were viewing this image on the playback LCD of your camera. You can see the whole image, but you know there is a lot of detail you won’t be able to see until you look at it full size in your computer. So let’s take a closer look at this one. Below is a small section taken from the above photo.

In the first picture you can barely even see the batter. In the second (still the same picture, mind you) you can clearly distinguish his facial features. In an instant, the photographer captured a Passport-quality photo of every individual in the stands. Amazing!

More examples here.

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