Creativity and the Bible

One of the most disappointing books I’ve read is about “Christ and Creativity.” Part of my disappointment comes from the fact that this is a topic of tremendous significance to me, so anything less than earth-shaking is prone to be a let down for me. However, the author takes far too much liberty in stretching various stories in the Bible to explain them as an act of creativity. I think the fundamental flaw with this approach is that we are looking in the wrong place entirely.

Search the Bible (NIV and King James at least) and you will not find a single appearance of the word “creativity.” Not once. That should tell us something about our Creator. He never intended for us to merely read about creativity, He wants us to experience it.

“The invisible things of God are clearly seen through His creation.” -Romans 1:20.

Look through a microscope, study how the human eye works, light a fire, observe the motion of animals –everywhere you look, creation is shouting in every language that God is the author of creativity. He wrote the book on it by not writing a single word about it.

I wonder how many other areas God is saying to us, “You won’t find the answers here. Stop trying to figure everything out. Just go! Live! Experience! There you will find Me…”

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