Congratulations x 4

Within a mere seven days I’ve heard of four engagements among my friends. That’s crazy sweetness!! I just wanted to share in their excitement and give a few shout outs.

Stephanie Ballard and Taylor Gahm. Stephanie is a long time friend from Texas, and Taylor (although I’ve never met him) has earned a place on my short list of Seriously Talented Peeps.

Laura and Keelan. Keelan is a fellow volleyballer and scholar extraordinaire! I don’t know Laura very well, but all signs point to the fact that she is one amazing girl.

Amanda Schmidgall and Matt Lahr. I met Amanda at a Bible study, and she later joined my photography group. Matt is one of those guys who you can’t help but respect.

Stacy Proaps and Jonathan Shradar. Stacy is also a friend from the same Bible study, and I got to know Jonathan at a leadership retreat.

To the ladies: congratulations on catching the eye of Mr. Right. To the gentlemen: great job stepping up to the plate. =)

I wish you all the best! Hi-fives all around!

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