affirmation to teach

So you may have noticed the “Teaching” link on the right, and if you’re really observant you might have stumbled across the Teaching Info page (by clicking on the brackets –soon to be icons). Basically I want to teach, but I don’t feel qualified. I don’t know what I would teach. I don’t know where or to whom. I just know I want to. Lately though, I feel like God has been saying, “Take a step. Try it. Watch what happens and learn from it.”

A few weeks have transpired since I wrote the first (and currently only) post for the Teaching category, but it is now the most visited page on this site (almost twice as many hits as the second in rank) thanks in large part to search engines.

It’s probably still too early to make any solid conclusions, but it seems that the people who end up in my “classroom” come by choice, not by obligation. On top of that, a handful of friends have made comments that suggest the time is indeed right. That is hugely encouraging; please know how much this means to me! All of this serves as an implied affirmation of my desire to teach. Maybe God knew what He was doing when He nudged me to start sharing what I know. …just maybe. =) Thanks for listening, everybody!

1 thought on “affirmation to teach

  1. You are a gifted photographer and teacher, Stephen. Because you are willing to invest in both of those talents, you are improving the livelihood and art of the people around you. I can say this because your gifts have personally impacted me in a profound way.

    Cultivating the art of teaching will no doubt expand your creativity as well.

    Sounds like a win-win to me.

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