A Life in the Day

   Photo by Stephen Elliot

Dandelions seems to be sprouting up all over the place –soccer fields, gardens, flickr… they’re everywhere! It’s almost as if they are defiantly yet gracefully saying, “Winter, your time is done!”

Similar to the water drop shot from yesterday, I went out for the sole purpose of getting this particular shot. How rewarding it is to see your vision come to life!

2 thoughts on “A Life in the Day

  1. Wow that is a great shot. Just beautiful! Where was that taken? I want to run through that meadow and mess up all of those floating seed flowers :)

  2. Thanks Rose! I shot it at Gravelly Park, right near the airport. I had been there a couple days in a row trying to get a particular shot, but I wanted to go back and get a cool dandelion photo. Much to my dismay, the field was mowed earlier that morning, easily cutting the dandelion population in half! Nevertheless, I still came away with this one, so all was not lost. =)

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