New Stuffs!

For weeks my to-do list has had this annoying blip that said “Sitemap and icons.” Sometimes I amaze myself at how understated my to-do list is. For instance, that same list currently says, “Write a book. Research D.C. area photographers. Redesign…” Yeah…  Overachiever, what?  =)

Last night I crossed a couple things off that list, and I’m here to tell you about it. Specifically, I’ve made a few changes to Depending on when you last checked in, here’s what’s new:

Sitemap: (link on bottom right) A birds-eye view of the website including RSS feeds for each category. By popular demand there is now a View All option for anyone who prefers the standard (i.e. BORING) blog layout. =) If you don’t subscribe to RSS feeds, this is the easiest way to see what’s new. Speaking of which…

R.I.P. “News and Updates”: For a number of reasons the former category was redundant and mostly useless. From now on updates will be posted under The Watercooler.

Icons version 0.5: The little gray spheres next to the categories are still evolving, but you get the general idea. Click the sphere to view the Info Page for that category; it’s different from clicking on the category itself. *Insert “Ah ha!” moment.

Tour to Nowhere: There’s a new page! …with nothing on it. But it will be cool! More later.

If you still need a reason to procrastinate then here is the lesser new, New Stuffs:

I read a book. I took some photos. I had a thought or two. I wrote a couple tutorials. I had lasagna for dinner.

3 thoughts on “New Stuffs!

  1. This is just coming from a BORING person who prefers not to work too hard to see web pages… but “a ha” moments are an indication of a feature that might be a little too hidden. My 2c.

  2. Laura Laura Laura…. *shakes head in disbelief. This is just the sort of comment I would expect from a boring person, but alas, even you have stooped to that level.

    1.) If it were strictly a blog then 90% of the content would never be seen. Blogs are too linear for what I want to do here.
    2.) The more you look, the more you see. That’s just the way I roll. Not everything was intended to be obvious.

    But seriously, thanks for the comment! =) …even if it was BORING!

  3. Despite your veiled compliments I will continue to stand by my statement. (Which didn’t have to do with the “view all” blog-like feature.)

    If a small circle icon leads to a webpage that no one ever clicks on or sees… does it ever really exist?

    The mystery remains. But I guess that’s the way you want it. (o:

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