worth a laugh (UPDATED)

Frequently I like to browse the most recent photos uploaded to Flickr. With an average of over 2,500 images uploaded every minute, there is no shortage of potential inspiration. Often times when I stumble across an image that I like but think could be even better, I will take the liberty of giving them my opinion. The majority of the time people are very responsive and grateful for a worthwhile critique, but there is always that other guy…

The other day I ran across this picture. I did a cursory browse through his photos and profile to help give me a sense of whether or not it would be worthwhile to comment. I then deposited my two cents and went on my way.

Then late last night I noticed a new comment on one of my photos…

Maybe Flickr should add Spell Check to its comment feature =)

UPDATE: The story gets even better.  The guy deleted my comment.  I don’t care, although it makes the original post less exciting.  He also corrected one of his two glaring typos.  His original comment on my photo went like this:

Whats up. No worries on the comment, but you’re right you dont know me and if you were to take a look at the other shots I am no beginer. The photo to begin with is shitty, I took it drunk at one am and used a rock as a tripod. This shot of yours, no offense is of a statue at sunset, pretty cliche. You can delete this comment if you want. Most professionals do their research before their cratiques. But then again this is flickr, not washingtonpost.com. “shoot to killl” -Bryan

I’m sorry, but this gets funnier to me the more I think about it.  Where to begin!?

1.)  “Beginer”  …nuff said.  …not enough typed.

2.)  “I took it drunk at one am.”  Why is he taking photos while intoxicated, much less posting them on Flickr??

3.)  “This shot of yours…is pretty cliche.”  Cliche, huh?  First I searched for “statue sunset” on Flickr, and it returned 4,937 photos.  Then I searched for “beach horizon” and it yielded 7,863 photos.  Tell me, which is more cliche?

4.)  “Most professionals do their research before their cratiques.”  My research has indicated that “cratiques” is misspelled.  Also, if he did his “research” then he would have read that the photo was actually taken at sunrise, not sunset as he stated.

5.)  “You can delete this comment if you want.”  Heaven’s no!  I’m having way too much fun with this!

Moral of the story: don’t take yourself too seriously.  =)

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