a lot like work

Whew…  What a weekend!  I just got everything unpacked from the wedding I shot in North Carolina, and I’m just about exhausted.  I dare say I’ve never been so tired after shooting a wedding.  I had a great time, but somewhere between mild dehydration and good ol’ fashioned hard work I was just plain spent at the end of the day.

In a nutshell: Saturday morning came much too early, but I picked up my two comrades and we hit the road.  We arrived in Dunn, NC with plenty of time to eat lunch and gear up before “go time.”  For the next 8 hours we hustled all over the place.  I was so encouraged by the comments the guests were making.  One gentleman said, “You’re really working hard!  It’s a good thing my superior isn’t here.  He’d be like, ‘Son, why don’t I ever see you workin that hard!?’ ” and the bride said “You guys are all over the place with cameras everywhere!  I mean, this is Dunn, NC — nobody around here is used to this level of work!”  Boy, that’ll make a guy’s day  =)

Now, after months of planning, the bride and groom can sit back and relax in the Caribbean.  For me, however, the work is only beginning…  =)  Bring it on!

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