the talent of discipline

It’s interesting the way we perceive “natural” talent. A good number of people have said that I’m talented, but I think it would be more accurate to say that I’m disciplined. Ya see, I spent two years in isolation (more or less) reading, studying, observing, and learning all I could about visual arts. It wasn’t glamorous. It wasn’t easy. It certainly wasn’t natural. There were days that were utterly frustrating, and for the most part it looked like anything other than talent. But now, on the other side of that, people see me as one of those guys who was just “born with it.”

It’s important that we don’t overlook the role of discipline when it comes to talent. It’s all too easy to shrug off talent as something that was inherited at conception, but this undermines the value of our hard work or God-given gifts.

The bridge to Talent is called Discipline. Those who dare to cross it have earned my respect.

3 thoughts on “the talent of discipline

  1. Abso-freaking-lutely.

    I think where most of us falter is when we squander away the skills and talents that God has given us by not honing them (cf. parable of the talents, Matt. 25:14-30). What we’re left with is unrealized potential that could have been used to further His kingdom.

    I wonder how many of us will feel a tinge of regret when we get up there and realize all the lost opportunities we squandered because we weren’t disciplined enough to cultivate our skills.

  2. I agree that ability must be honed by discipline but “natural ability” doesn’t just mean you can paint as soon as you pop out of the womb. It means you have the vision, desire, and drive to go do it. So I’d say you have some natural ability to be the artist that you are but it has been “honed” by discipline : )

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