Notes on Wedding Photography

I’m heading out of town again this weekend to shoot another wedding. I thought I’d share a few observations:

1.)  Just like last time I’m taking a small crew with me. On one hand it frees me up because I know my team has got my back, but at the same time I’ve got to raise my game and deliver a better product than I could by myself.

2.)  I’ll be shooting primarily with a Nik*n this time. Those of you who know me well know how much I love my Minolta, but ever since Sony acquired them I’ve started to look elsewhere. I rented a couple rowdy Nikon lenses, and I’m excited to take ’em for a spin.

3.)  I never shoot the same way twice. What I mean is that after every wedding/event/whatever I think of ways I can improve. This time I’ve made a dozen small adjustments so that my equipment will be more accessible. It’s those little, seemingly insignificant changes that can make a world of difference.

4.)  As I was packing all the gear I found myself smiling. …constantly. =) I LOVE using uber technical equipment to produce something artistic. There’s something about using both sides of the brain simultaneously that just thrills me. Photography, graphic design, animation –to me, it’s a perfect balance of science and art.

“How did I ever manage to get a job where people pay me to do this?!” I thought to myself. Then God whispered quietly, “Um, you can thank Me for that.” Man! Praise God! You can’t complain when you love what you do. =)

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