of Life, Photography, Time, and Blogs

Blogs are pretty much pointless if you can’t keep them updated with some regularity. As I see it, there are two camps of blogger burn-outs: those without enough content, and those without enough time. If my growing “Drafts” folder is any indication, then my problem is clearly the latter of the two.

Recently I’ve sort of fallen in love with the look of a well done photo blog. Unlike more traditional blogs, slow readers like myself can browse through a photo blog much faster or choose to stop and smell the roses.

In the last nine days I have taken over 300 photos. Nothing special; just life. I always have my camera with me, and I love to capture life as it happens. I was quite surprised at the quantity of photos I amassed in just a few days, and it has led me to consider that maybe a “life photo blog” is the solution to my infrequent posts and unseen photographs. Rest assured, that doesn’t mean this will turn exclusively into a photo blog, but rather I’m simply adding it to what I do already. In other words, on days when I normally wouldn’t post anything you’ll now find a new photo.

Like just about every other idea that rolls across my brain, there will have to be some work done up front before it’s ready for prime time. In the mean time, I’ve got to finish another wedding video…

Until the official SE Photo Blog kicks off, here’s what’s been happening in my small corner of the world.

Everything a man needs… (okay maybe something is missing)

Guys' CookoutStill a Kid

Sunset on U Street

As seen on U Street

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee

Botanical Gardens


Music knows no age

Music knows no age

Take Two

Take Two

Screen on the Green

Screen on the Green

A Decent View

A decent view

6 thoughts on “of Life, Photography, Time, and Blogs

  1. Great pics, Stephen! I can’t wait to see the photo blog when you have it up and going. That was fun at SOTG last night – I wish we could have got a shot of all the people jumping during scary scenes :) Um, what is up with the legos? :)

  2. Rose: Indeed SOTG was good times! Although a photo probably couldn’t do justice to the hysterical memory I have in my mind of you and Chelsea nearly jumping out of your skin.

    Jamie: Right on. Emily has been doin’ some rockin’ sweet stuff lately. Casablanca in two week; be there!

    David: I’ll show you mine if you show me yours! =) I think it will be fun though. The tricky part is to stay intentional about it without it becoming a chore…

  3. Legos are amazing… everyother week at church i work with the kids and i am alwasy at the lego bin… the other day i made a water park… yes … a water park of legos… it was amazing! keep up the blogs i do so enjoy them!

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