a different kind of mission(ary)

I’m becoming increasingly disturbed by the traditional sense of “missionaries,” “evangelists,” and our attempts at “reaching out to those in need.” It seems to me that whenever someone talks about “faith in action” and “the interplay of faith and life,” they are really saying we need to be feeding and serving the poor. Cue the mental commercial of African kids starving… Now, we simply cannot ignore God’s command to serve the poor, the fatherless, and the widow; but we are doing ourselves a disservice if we think it ends there.

I believe that “faith in action” has just as much to do with art as it does with serving the poor.

Every child of God is called to a life of missions; the Gospel of Christ compels us. Yet, we cannot overlook the unique gifts, talents, and strengths God has given us.  “Not everyone is called to go to Africa…”  Every church I’ve ever been to has said the same thing, and then in the very next breath they talk about ways to serve in the local church.  The point I’m trying to make is that unless we are steadfast and resolute in pursuing the mission that God Himself has placed inside of us, there will always be well-intended people who are eager to pull you into their mission.

We can do the right thing for the wrong reasons, but in the end we’re only hurting ourselves.

What is your mission field?  Find it.  Chase it.  Live it.

4 thoughts on “a different kind of mission(ary)

  1. I agree, Stephen, that we do overselves a disservice if we think that ‘it ends(here)’ in terms of the common missionary. Amen! This is some good stuff here…but I still want to go to Africa! Honestly though, I think more for what I know Africa will do for me than what I could do for it….

  2. my mission field is this office… I went from an office of 2 ladies to an office of 120 women… wow… I have a little bit bigger job on my hand… but already have made 3 awesome connections… Thanks for the encouragement! Steve… hahah

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