Occasionally (and we’re talking like, almost never, but maybe once or twice a year) I find myself wanting a cubicle and some coworkers.  The watercooler –as the title of this category suggests– is one such example.  Ya see, the watercooler is not just where you go when you’re thirsty, it’s where you hang out when you want to be part of the cool crowd.  If you can stand around the watercooler and tell jokes that make everybody laugh, well then, you’ve practically got it made.

So yesterday I heard about this thing called Faceball, and now I’m dying to play it.  Any takers??

7 thoughts on “Faceball

  1. Wow… good news travels fast. A co-worker of mine emailed a bunch of us about this on Tuesday, and we’ve already started lining up the tournament. It’s going to rock!

  2. hummm faceball (gulp of water) (ah) what is that… sounds fun! ( to animated with arms … spilled some water) Oh man… I will be right back, I have to go clean this up!

  3. Podge. I expect to see some photos/video of said Faceball action.

    Rose. Don’t be fooled. The email about the pastries was merely a diversion to send all the lesser challengers to the break room while the real party is going down with the beach balls.

    Candace. Nothing shows exuberance like some water spilling action. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

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