New Photo Blog!

Frequent visitors and RSS subscribers to this site (I’m pretty sure that means, “All four of you…” =) may recall a recent post about my upcoming photo blog. Well, I’m happy to announce that today it went live! Click here to see it for yourself.

The main “Photography” link (top right) no longer directs you to my outdated Flickr portfolio slideshow. It will now send you directly to the photo blog. …I have to wonder why I ever directed people to the slideshow in the first place. I mean, I like the photos there, but it’s so static and boring. I have sort of a love-hate relationship with photographers, specifically the ones with an amazing portfolio who never update it. Sometimes I think, “Wait… You are are photographer? Or you were a photographer?” Something about seeing an artist put out new, fresh content is far more inspiring to me than a one-hit-wonder.

That being said, I hope you enjoy the new photo blog. Check back often for new photos, stories, and reasons to laugh with me. Currently there are four pages of photos, so there’s plenty to see. Enjoy!

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