Turning a New Leaf

  Photo by Stephen Elliot

It happened. I finally broke down and got a Day Planner. It’s kinda bittersweet. I’ve always been a sticky note kind of guy, yet lately it’s getting out of hand. At any given time there are at least five sticky notes scattered on my desk (that’s nowhere near the record, mind you) and some of them are notes for March ’08! Clearly I need a better system for this. Here’s hoping the planner jives with my style.

8 thoughts on “Turning a New Leaf

  1. Then you know it gets out of control when you have a planner, an outlook calendar, sticky notes on your work desk, sticky notes on your home desk, and sticky notes in your planner (me). haha =)

  2. That is a small planner! You should get a Blackberry or something, you overachiever. What a hoot. Don’t overplan though – leave some room for some surprises!

  3. I was gonna say what Rose said: time to embrace the Blackberry, man. Much more versatility and functionality for a mobile professional like yourself. Through Verizon, you’d have access to the Web AND Gmail anywhere in the D.C. area (including the Metro!).

  4. Jamie. Yes, but you’re an auditor. Planning and details are what you do!

    Julie. Definitely can’t stop laughing at the mental image of your fumbling through a sea of sticky notes in your purse. You’re killin’ me here!

    RRRRRose. (you have to roll the “R”) As much as I love gadgets and gizmos I’m thrilled that I don’t need a Blackberry right now. Believe me, this little guy (the planner, not me) doesn’t even have room to over-plan if I wanted to.

    Michael. Don’t tempt me, my brotha! I’d like to believe that I can be free from technological leashes when I want to. Lord knows I could use a little more balance in my life… =)

  5. See… that’s the popular misconception (the “leash” analogy). Remember, it is all that you make of it and use it for. If you allow it to control you, it will like any other object on the planet.

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