The Un-tearing of Stephen

I’m torn.

Well… not really, but I figured a two word intro would make this post sound more exciting than it really is.  Here’s my predicament: I’ve taken hundreds of photos in the last four days (I’m guessing somewhere around 550 photographs).  One part of me wants to quickly edit and upload the photos so that I can keep my blog and flickr page up to date, but the other part of me thinks that I need to finish reading the instruction manual for Adobe Lightroom first.

Ya see,  one of my hard drives crashed recently.  This was the drive where I stored all of my photos.  I didn’t lose much, but I’m now at that point where I have a clean slate on which I can finally organize everything neatly and efficiently.  I know that my new workflow will rely heavily on Lightroom, however, I’m still quite unfamiliar with it.

So, I’m torn because I want to get the photos to everybody quickly and make everybody happy, but I can’t make everybody happy and be happy with myself.  =/  In an effort to maintain my sanity and to be more efficient in the future, I know I’ve got to get my ducks in a row before I can be of any help to anyone else.

Now, it’s time for Chipotle.

5 thoughts on “The Un-tearing of Stephen

  1. No worries, Stephen! It must be sort of annoying to hear all of us say “hey when are you going to send those photos” as you are the photographer at all social functions…I hope the ones turned out of your pumpkin all fastened in the backseat though! Read that manual, get those ducks in a row, and do your brilliant work. We can wait :)

  2. Ruhiyyih – It’s really not annoying. I love taking pictures, and I love sharing them with people. I just want to be a little more efficient about it =)

    Archie – Chipotle and God seem to have a lot in common…

    David – You’re the man.

  3. amen my brother we are in the same boat,
    sailing along
    hee hee
    i should come over to your place and spy on you b/c you are sure welcome to do the same thing
    love u brother
    i am so happy we are in this together

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