Where are the forceful men?

Over the past several weeks I’ve received many emails about the movie “The Golden Compass.” Christian activists jumped all over this film and the books that preceded it. They warned of an overtly atheistic message, and they told families to stay far away from it this Christmas season.

So what did I do? I went to a matinée showing opening day.*

I first heard of this movie from a well-intended Christian organization, and immediately I felt like we’ve missed the point. Rather than providing a solution all I heard was them telling us that we should avoid the problem. “Let’s boycott it. That’ll show ’em!” If that is our best defense then I suggest we go ahead and throw in the towel. We are inadvertently giving them the victory if we don’t even show up to fight.

If the Kingdom of God is “forcefully advancing” then we are lagging behind by choosing to hold our ground.

As for The Golden Compass, I say “Bring it on! Do your worst.” This sort of thing should cause us as Christians to rise to the challenge, not back away from it. Let’s turn our criticisms into creations, and show the world that God is the Author of creativity. Criticize by creating!

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