Third-party stroke of brilliance!

I spent approximately 50 hours working on my latest tutorial.  I never imagined it would take that long, but it was definitely a lesson in learning.  I finished it last night, and already I got some fantastic feedback from a dude who’s work I respect very much (check out his flickr page).  His first suggestion was to break it up into smaller bits, and I couldn’t agree more!  I imagined it being a LOT shorter when I started writing it, but then it snowballed into something much bigger.  So, don’t fall in love with it just yet ’cause it’s gonna get whacked into 4 or 5 pieces.  Also, this gives me some room to expand it later on –I’m already seeing a Part VI…  =)

Lesson learned: Despite my tendency to be Mr. All-or-Nothing, in the end it’s often better to simplify things.

Thanks again, Mariano!

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