Alstom | People Quest

In February I shot a week-long conference.  Monday through Thursday I was shooting photos, and then Friday I had to deliver 130 prints and the photos (edited) on CD.  It was a great experience and I really built some rapport with the people over the week.

Not only did I get to know the attendees, but I also got to know the videographer who was covering the event along-side me.  At some point I had mentioned that I do motion graphics, so, long story short he asked me to make an upbeat intro for him.

I always enjoy working on something new and different, and this was no exception.  My After Effects skills are a little rusty.  Then again, I don’t pump out nearly as much AE content as some people.  =)  Nevertheless, it was a fun change of pace.

3 thoughts on “Alstom | People Quest

  1. Hi Stephen,

    I am Valérie and we met at People Quest – I was in charge of the training programmes and trainers. Congratulations for all your pictures, they are great, and for the intro of the video that I find out you made yourself!
    This event is also for us as organisation team and for myself in particular a very good memory and it was a pleasure to meet you.
    All the best for you :-) And thank you for talking about us!

  2. Dear Stephen,

    What a surprise to see a post on our event!

    I confirm back what Valérie just wrote: great pictures, a really punchy video intro, and it has been nice to work with you.

    Glad to read also that this event has been beneficial to you too by meeting Jeff and that it lead you to work together. It is always good that a collaboration turns into a trully win-win situation!

    I wish you a very good continuation and lots of success in your professional life.

    Kind regards,


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