New Delivery Format!

This week I had the privilege of shooting a large conference for Deloitte. My assignment was to cover several general sessions, various breakouts, games, and a reception/happy hour. The delivery requirements were quite demanding, but I really enjoyed the challenge. Seven hours of coverage on Monday, eight hours on Tuesday, and then editing and delivering the following photomontage by 10AM Wednesday, in time for the closing session.

Aside from the extreme lack of sleep and some miscommunication regarding the presentation, I’m thrilled with the way everything turned out. I’ve been wanting to offer this style of delivery for quite some time, and now I finally had the opportunity to make it happen. Can’t wait to do some more presentations like this!

8 thoughts on “New Delivery Format!

  1. I used a combination of Lightroom and After Effects. All the photos were imported, edited, and then exported with Lightroom. From there, I pulled them into After Effects to create the presentation.

  2. Whew! Fast-paced! I dig the work man. It is really, really difficult to shoot conferences, especially in the poor lighting conditions most hotels and conference centers seem to embrace. So well done on all fronts.

  3. Mariano Thanks for the props! Glad you like it =)

    Will AE is a champ. It can be a little sluggish when you’re working with big projects, but there’s very little it can’t do.

    David Many thanks! That means a lot coming from you.

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