A Healthy Sense of Pride

In any profession it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture or to forget why we do what we do. As a photographer, sometimes I feel like I’m just snapping pictures that will never see the light of day –just soaking up space on a hard drive somewhere. It helps to see the fruit of my labor from time to time.

For example, last Friday I shot an event for Gaylord National, the new hotel and convention center in the National Harbor area. It was the Grand Opening of the hotel, and I was told that one of my photos was going to be used in the official press release sent out from Gaylord. Yesterday I was poking around on their website to see if I could find the press release. To my surprise, I stumbled across their photo gallery where nearly half of the photos were ones that I had shot for them.

It’s quite a simple thing really –having your pictures displayed on a web site– but it totally made my day! I think there’s a healthy sense of pride in seeing your work “finished.” It helps us to see how our efforts are being used, and there’s a feeling of accomplishment that comes with it.

Truth be told, it’s never been a big aspiration of mine to shoot photos for a website, but I have to claim the encouragement along the way!  So, thanks to the team at Gaylord National for giving this “kid with a camera” a chance to be a part of something big!
Gaylord Panorama
The above photo is one I shot from the balcony of the Gaylord National Convention Center. (Panorama stitched from four photos)

1 thought on “A Healthy Sense of Pride

  1. Congratulations Stephen! The stitched panorama above is also really neat. I can’t see the seams. Nice work.

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