Back from the South

Recently I got back from a wonderful trip to Alabama with my girlfriend. In addition to visiting her alma mater, swimming in the lake, getting way too much sun, and spending time with her family, we were asked to do a photo shoot for two up-and-coming models.

Kelli Michelle Jones, a former international model, is starting Canaan International Modeling Agency in Alabama, and she needed some pictures of two of her clients. All in all, we spent 8 and a half hours shooting, and we came away with over 1,400 photos. (For what it’s worth, we shot all of this using one camera, two memory cards, three batteries, one flash, one umbrella, and one Quantum Turbo battery.)

CanaanModel-4067 CanaanModel-5344 CanaanModel-4271 CanaanModel-5223

I handed my camera to Amanda and let her do all the shooting while I handled the lighting. It’s hardly fair that she gets all the glory for these photos while I was merely known as the nameless “Umbrella Guy.” =) Of course, the teacher in me really enjoyed watching her work and seeing the excitement in her eyes as she snapped one great photo after the next.

CanaanModel-4163 CanaanModel-4846 CanaanModel-4362 CanaanModel-5299

CanaanModel-4608 CanaanModel-5503

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