New Service: On-site printing!

Recently a couple of corporate clients have asked if I can deliver prints on-site.  I have not been able to offer this in the past, but today I’m pleased to announce that Mud Productions can now deliver prints on-site for various corporate events!

This past weekend I had an opportunity to put the new system to use, and it was a huge success!  Everybody was excited to have a picture to take home right away, and I enjoyed getting to see their reactions first-hand. With the help of my wonderful assistant, Amanda, I was able to shoot for eight hours and deliver 354 prints.  As expected, we discovered a few things that would make the job easier next time, but all in all I’m thrilled with the results!

This Thursday I’ll have another chance to streamline my workflow as I shoot and deliver prints for a private event.  Stay tuned!  I plan to write a post describing my setup, how it worked, and what I’ve learned in the process.

1 thought on “New Service: On-site printing!

  1. Yeah, I should have contacted you first. It was CRAZY. Best buy did not provide the printers needed, so we scrambled and got puny ones that print one photo per minute, and with 800+ Portraits taken, we were so backlogged, we started printing CD’s. For people who don’t own computers….yeah, smart. OH well! I learned a thing or two about lighting! :)

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