Photos at 60 frames per second

Recently I’ve been working with one of my neighbors on a presentation that she will deliver in November. She has been asked to speak at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School during one of their global Leadership Development conferences. Part of her presentation will include a 60 Minutes style interview with her asking questions to a Capitol Hill staffer.

Anyway, last night we filmed the interview, and I figured I’d share a bit of it here…


It’s been a while since I’ve done much video stuff, so I was happy to be behind a video camera again. I guess I had forgotten how much more gear-intensive videography is than photography. Not only is the equipment itself bigger, but there is the entire audio component that you don’t even have to think about with photography.

We didn’t want the interview to feel too formal, so we opted to film it at a friend’s apartment. By the time I set up the camera and the two light stands it started to get a little crowded, but we still worked it out.

Here’s a better look at my setup:
By the way, the above setup was re-positioned slightly for this photo.

As you can see I used a Canon XL2 as the main camera on a Bogen tripod with a video head. I also had a smaller one-chip camera that I used to film the interviewer, but it’s not visible in this shot. The lights are the Lowel OmniLight Kit. The light on the left was my back/rim light and the upper-right my key light. I used two microphones just to make sure I was getting some clean audio –one wireless lapel mic, plugged into the camera; and a second lapel mic plugged directly into a MiniDisc Recorder. There’s some noise on the wireless mic –I attribute that to my minimal experience with wireless– but I got a nice recording on the MiniDisc, so I’m happy.

Finally, here’s a freeze-frame from the footage:

Setup and tear-down took longer than the interview itself, but that’s just part of the job sometimes. It felt good to be behind the video camera again, and I’m thankful for the opportunity. There is still some editing to do, but it’s been enjoyable so far so I’ve got no reason to complain =)

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