Rise of the Creative Class

by Richard FloridaAuthor and economist Richard Florida looks at history through the lens of creativity to see how it has shaped, and is shaping, our culture, our livelihood, and our lifestyles.  The first few chapters of this book blew me away.  I really felt as though the author genuinely understands creative people better than most authors and perhaps art directors.  He put into words things that I have often felt, but couldn’t describe well.  He has a way of presenting ideas that seem contradictory at first, but as he explains them you can’t help but draw the same conclusions.  It will definitely alter your worldview if you let it.

All in all, the book is excellent, but I do have two complaints: 1.) It’s too long.  I’m a fan of big books, but this one starts to feel redundant after a while.  2.) The classification of “creative class” is a bit too broad.  According to the book, pretty much anybody not serving food or working in a factory falls into the “creative class” at one point or another.  It does describe the “super creative core” and I think those are the people who will benefit the most from this book.

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