Like Rain on Your Wedding Day

Two of my friends, who actually met in my living room, got married on August 9th and I was the lucky photographer. It was an outdoor wedding, and the bride was very photogenic so I was thrilled to shoot this one.

Laura and Micheal back

It started off as a gorgeous day with white puffy clouds, and it stayed that way all day until about 45 minutes before the ceremony was supposed to begin. Dark clouds rolled in and it began to pour right at 6:00 o’clock.

Fortunately it passed over in about 15 minutes and we were able to hold the ceremony outdoors. In fact, the rain and the cloud cover were the perfect ingredients to make the pictures lush and colorful. For me, it was a blessing in disguise.

I couldn’t be more impressed with Michael and Laura’s attitude. They took everything in stride and they seemed thrilled just to know they would be married when all was said and done.

Big thanks to my lovely assistant Amanda for getting some excellent shots!  I really wish I could claim her photos as my own.  =)

See all the photos here on Pictage.

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