My Impact

Recently I got an email that talked about managing stress.  Its message was simple:  “Give a situation time and energy in proportion to the amount of control you have over it.”  This idea of control got me thinking…

There are 169 million registered voters in the US.

I am one of them.

Therefore, I make up 1/169,000,000 of the voting population.  That comes out to 0.000000592%

We vote for our President on a single day every four years.

There are 365.25 days in a year, and that means there are 1,461 days every four years.

There are 35,064 hours in that four year period.

There are 2,103,840 minutes in four years.

And 126,230,400 seconds.

Let me get this straight.  I have 0.000000592% control over the political landscape of this country.  If I devote that same percentage of my time to politics, then I will spend less than one second every four years shaping the future of this country.

P.S.  I’ve spent 12 minutes writing this post.  I should be set for life!  =)

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