Jon Bridges

To my usual readers: Unless you’re looking to procrastinate, you might consider skipping this one.  Boom!  Instant time-saver!

I’m looking for an old friend and mentor named Jonathan Bridges.  He went to school at Ouachita Baptist University, did an internship at Community Bible Church, and is/was a big fan of the Dallas Stars.

I have had zero success finding him on Google or any of the popular social networking sites, so I’m trying a rather backwards search here.  My hope is that you, Jon Boy, will someday google yourself and find this post listed among the search results.  It worked for me once before, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.  I’d love to hear from you!

Backstory: Recently I connected with an old friend/mentor who stumbled across my blog. I hadn’t heard from her in years, and it was great to finally reconnect. Long story short she googled herself, and my Wall of Gratitude page was included in the search results.  “Yes, I love technology!…”

That made me think, “I wonder if I can find another friend this way…”  So, here goes nothing!

1 thought on “Jon Bridges

  1. Stephen,

    ;) Funny how God works things out. I don’t Google myself much heh but I met this girl not long ago and she was seeing if she could trust seemingly upright and decent fellow and she did a Google search on me and told me hey I didn’t find much on you but do you know a guy named Stephen Elliot to which I responded no never heard of the guy…just kidding ;)

    How are things bro? You are probably a multi millionaire by now right? Graduated from MIT with honors? Are you in San Antonio? I still follow the Stars but they didn’t see fit to make the playoffs this year so meh. It is really good to hear from you! I am living in Dallas/Fort Worth area and working in order to earn money to trade for goods and services and trying to manage my schedule so I can get my masters one day in the fairly near future.

    Hope this finds you well and I am looking forward to talking to ya soon.

    You’re Friend,

    Jonathan Bridges

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