Why All the Macs?

It seems to me that Macs are the computer of choice in the photography industry.  Can someone (preferably a photographer) please tell me why this is?  I’m not looking to debate; I’m just genuinely curious how they have become so prevalent in this industry.  Why do photographers prefer them?

  • Is it because of compatibility with the iPhone?
  • Does the higher price tag of a Mac equal better performance or savings in the long run?
  • Are there more tools/software available for photogs?
  • Are they better for tracking expenses and clients?
  • Does the simplicity of their design correlate to faster work?
  • Is it simply because they have better advertising than PCs?
  • Are they better for storing, organizing, and archiving photos?
  • Do they help you get paid on time??

3 thoughts on “Why All the Macs?

  1. If you can figure out how to prove that last one to be true, I think you could sell a lot of Macs to a lot of companies. ;) I know a few subs who would get on board.

  2. To me, it’s more of a social fad than anything else. I see nothing that creates a more superior experience from the hardware of a Mac or the software of OS X when compared to similar hardware running Windows.

    The one thing I will say is that it generally takes less knowledge of computing to operate OS X and it is more secure than Windows. I suppose if there was a photographer, who preferred a simpler computing experience and had the capital to purchase the hardware, a Mac would make sense. For a photographer who is comfortable with computing basics (like security) and did not want to pay for premium hardware, a Windows-based computer is just fine.

    I use Lightroom on both platforms consistently and notice know differences at all.

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